Training and Consultancy

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We put at your disposal training and consultancy services with an all-round look for those businesses or food and agriculture companies, restaurants, wineries, training rooms and any gastronomic establishment. Our objectives are to analyze, assess, define and orientate a means of working to achieve an improvement in positioning and in the business results.

We assist you in order to improve!

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Course on wine and drinks service

Course targeted on bars and restaurants workers. You will improve the quality of the service and the customer satisfaction.

Oenology and tasting course

The best way of selling wine is by knowing it. You will learn how wines are made and the main features of each one of them.

Gastronomic and nutritional training

It is aimed to food and agriculture companies or establishments with an interest in health and in the quality of products. You will feel more comfortable with your products.


Preparation of wine-lists for restaurants. You can accompany it with a short training for waiters and for the maitre of the establishments.