Golden Nose


2h de durada (separated in two parts)

Several aromatic stations with more than 20 products (fruits, spices, herbs...) where each team will try to correctly guess as many aromas as possible.
The activity will conclude with a tasting of some wines and the participants will try to recognize the aromas from the previous activity.


This team building activity will be organized in two phases: 
1 - Participants will move through different aromatic stations. The team members will try to identify as many aromas as possible at each station
2 - Blind tasting of 3 wines

Fun competition to improve and test the sensory skills of the members. You are going to enjoy with your colleagues out of the office!

This activity will be conducted by a sommelier, who will invite you to smell more than 20 fresh products to achieve the main challenge: to guess the principal characteristics of the wines that you are going to taste under blind conditions.
We take care of everything; the only thing that is needed is your curiosity and participation.


· Design of the activity
· Wine expert and other professionals
· Necessary materials
· RA prize for the winning team


· Improvement in interpersonal relations
· Greater capacity to make decisions
· Coordination and memory
· A feeling of camaraderie
· Group Cohesion
· Teamwork


· Welcome package.
· Photographic digital album: A professional photographer could shoot images of the day
· Video recording: A professional movie maker could record the entire event
· Coffee break or lunch/dinner

The winning team will receive a magnum bottle of one of the wines that has been tasted blindly.

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